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Day Care is a fun opportunity for your dog to get out, get some exercise, and socialize with other dogs. We will match your dog to other dogs with similar personalities and give them a romp in the yard or a nature walk in the woods. Between play sessions, your pet will rest and relax in air conditioned comfort.

Day care: $25 a day
​Drop off:    7-11 am
Pick up:      4-7 pm

Boarding can be a stressful experience for both you and your dog, but at Northport Play'n'Stay, she will be having fun playing with other dogs in our park-like setting.  Your dog will be in her own crate inside an air conditioned building during rest and meal times, while spending the majority of the day playing with other dogs and people. 

           Boarding:               $30 per night (includes all playgroups)
                                               $25 day charge after checkout time
           Checkout time:   Mon-Sat by 11am (day charge will be added after checkout time)
                                              Sunday by 3 pm (day charge will be added after checkout time)

Happy Hour is a time for your four-legged friends to get out and get some exercise with the company of other dogs.  Drop in with your dog and let him enjoy his own Happy Hour while you run your errands. (First time drop-ins will be required to fill out a personality/veterinary profile.)

Happy Hour: $15 Every Tuesday, Friday  and Saturday 4pm - 6pm 

​*We will gladly make special arrangements for pick up and drop off times to meet your schedule. We know you will want your furry friend back with you as soon as you get home!*